A downloadable game for Windows

Artistic, creepy platformer with random generation.

Made for PROCJAM in a week. It has been so fun making this! Hope you enjoy it!

You can follow me on twitter at: @droldov My mail: mihajlostefanovic51@gmail.com

Music by: https://www.facebook.com/dusan.kolak

Install instructions

No installation needed. Just run the White Space.exe file and have fun!


White Space.zip (35 MB)


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when in the air the controls should be adding a force instead of setting a velocity, and why can't you jump down to a lower platform?

That's just how I felt this game should be. Maybe I should change the velocity thing.. we'll see 😁

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thanks for the feedback

Yeah, It's just trick trying to land on the right spot then you go flying the opposite direction.

It's now fixed!